Inner Alchemy Techniques

TAI (Inner Alchemy Techniques) was born in 2017 on the basis of an intuition and a great experience with various Energy Techniques, among which the best known is certainly EFT. The power of intention (pronouncing or thinking sentences with a specific intent) is increased by the state of awareness from which it is enunciated. In addition, the human body is equipped with three centers (brains) in communication with each other with a trend from the bottom up. These three brains are located in the belly, heart and head and are called Dantian from the Taoist tradition.

In TAI we start from the assumption that human beings live experiences that are not always able to contain and assimilate, and that on these occasions the mind-body system creates multi-sensory representations of what he/she has lived, imagined and thought. They remain in its perceptive horizon and from there they influence thoughts, emotions and behaviors.
These representations are fueled by the individual's vital energy, which in the long run depletes and at the same time creates emotional attachment to them.
This tends to confer a certain stability, to give a certain order to inner experiences, giving rise to propensities and choices but also to fears, blockages, tensions.
Thanks to TAI we can release the incoherent vital energy contained in a lived experience (or in a fantasy, in a belief), let go of attachments and finally bring a new level of order and coherence (a new balance). In practical terms, this translates into greater awareness, vitality and well-being. By practicing TAI you will thus be able to let go of the burdens of the past, change your mental habits and live at another speed. TAI is easy to learn, although it takes a lot of practice to fully understand its depth of effectiveness. Experienced operators in the field of helping relations have called it theturboversion of the Energy Techniques.

• is a system for conscious rebalancing of energies;
• it works by combining the power of intention, breath and focus on the three vital centers of the human being;
• allows you to let go, often quickly, of painful memories, fears, limiting beliefs;
• also allows to identify and dissolve the causes of physical symptoms, addictions, blockages to success, relationship difficulties;
• facilitates the path of self-knowledge and self-awareness, thanks to tested procedures;
• helps in the definition and practical realization of the objectives, in the different fields of life.

Inner alchemy

Alchemy means transformation. For this reason TAI is mainly positioned as a system that favors change, the transformation of the "inner lead" (undigested experiences, beliefs, emotions, thoughts) into "alchemical gold", that is, awareness. Whatever looks into your perceptual horizon or is generated by your mind can be the object of inner alchemy, extracting energy that will vitalize and nourish your goals in a constant alternation according to the motto "solve et coagula".

To really understand the great possibilities of transformation and elevation given by TAI I suggest you to subscribe to the YouTube channel Andrea Fredi. Inoltre puoi studiare il manuale “Tecniche di Alchimia Interiore –  I codici per il riequilibrio cosciente delle energie” edito da MyLife e disponibile nei negozi online e in libreria. Per apprendere il metodo e praticarlo in modo guidato puoi partecipare ai seminari organizzati in varie regioni. trovi le date nel Calendario sul sito.

Tutorial per TAI:

Senso, direzione, destino

Per poter comprendere le diverse situazioni, in particolar modo quelle emotivamente intense, è necessario trovarvi un senso, un significato. Il senso o ragione d’essere, ovvero quella spiegazione (non per forza razionale) che unisce i cerchi [...]

Come funziona EFT

Le Tecniche Energetiche: modalità di aggiornamento della coscienza Come agiscono le Tecniche Energetiche e nello specifico EFT? Utilizziamo un modello teorico: l'essere umano è coscienza che vive e registra tutto ciò che avviene nel mondo [...]

Inner freedom and the energy techniques

Cos’è la libertà interiore? A mia opinione è quello stato che ti permette di esplorare diverse opzioni e scegliere quella più affine alla tua anima, al tuo Sé profondo. Ancora, la libertà interiore è la [...]

Corso EFT – Roma

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisci elit, sed eiusmod tempor incidunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrum exercitationem ullam corporis suscipit laboriosam, nisi ut aliquid ex ea [...]


EFT is a technique that helps you make contact with your emotions and express them in a healthy way.

It allows you to feel better, to have more energy and you can learn it in a short time, as a self-help and also as a tool to give support to the people you care about.


AGER is an internal exploration and transformation tool that integrates the so called Energy Techniques to the discovery of Dr. Di Spazio, the spinal chronogram.

A series of points along the column, when properly stimulated, allow unresolved experiences to emerge, be they biographical or trans-generational.


PET includes a series of strategies aimed at causing change, thanks to an effective and unconventional communication style.

Thanks to PET you learn to welcome different points of view, to get out of the block states and

Transform your life

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Transform your life

Scarica ora il Manuale Gratuito di TAI

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