Age Gate Energy Release
(Rilascio di Energia attraverso i Cancelli del Tempo)

AGER is a system that allows first to identify, and then to recall the unresolved experiences of an individual, which are finally processed thanks to the integration with EFT and TAI (IAT - Inner Alchemy Techniques developed by Andrea Fredi). It is based on the happy marriage between the discoveries of Vincenzo Di Spazio, holistic doctor, and the Energy Techniques. The theoretical complex that supports it is solid and widely tested over time (the spinal chronogram is a discovery from 1996 and have been successfully tested more than seven thousand times) and provides new research perspectives on the origins of human hardships. On the skin, in correspondence with the vertebrae, each individual has"time receptors"which preserve the memory of particularly intense and undigested events. By knocking, through a gentle stimulation, at these "gates of time" it is possible to bring out the unfinished emotional sequences,favoring their fulfillment and consequently inner peace. A further level of practice consists in exploring trans-generational events, then bringing them back to the points on the column.

The surprising discovery is that we find evidence of experiences that do not belong directly to an individual's life, but refer to the unresolved experiences of an ancestor.AGER's practice therefore invites you to explore life in connection with that of your ancestors, bringing to light buried identities that influence thoughts, emotions and choices.

AGER is: • an integrated system of self-knowledge and inner transformation;
based on the discovery of Dr. Di Spazio, the spinal chronogram;
• allows you to awaken biographic unresolved experiences thanks to the activation of points on the spine;
• they are then rebalanced thanks to the synergy with EFT and TAI;
• the memory points on the column can also contain experiences of ancestors, placing themselves as a valuable tool for trans-generational investigation.

Tutorial per AGER:

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TAI is a method of energetic rebalancing based on the conscious breath, the power of the intention and the contemporary harmonization of the so-called "three brains", the three main areas of your body: belly, heart and head.

TAI promotes awareness, creativity and inner well-being as well as helping you achieve your goals.


EFT is a technique that helps you make contact with your emotions and express them in a healthy way.

It allows you to feel better, to have more energy and you can learn it in a short time, as a self-help and also as a tool to give support to the people you care about.


PET includes a series of strategies aimed at causing change, thanks to an effective and unconventional communication style.

Thanks to PET you learn to welcome different points of view, to get out of the block states and

Transform your life

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Transform your life

Scarica ora il Manuale Gratuito di TAI

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