The Inner Path The Inner Path is a system that integrates some of the most effective Energy Techniques to help individuals and groups in the path of personal and spiritual growth, through practices of conscious rebalancing of energies.

Il logo raffigura il Tao (lo Yin e lo Yang) espresso nei quattro colori che distinguono le altrettante fasi di trasformazione alchemica, e ad ogni colore corrisponde una tecnica: EFT, TAI, AGER e PET. Insieme creano il Sentiero Interiore, una via di auto-conoscenza che utilizza antiche tradizioni unite alle moderne scoperte delle neuroscienze per favorire il benessere olistico, l'equilibrio e la consapevolezza.

The path provides different levels of depth, with seminars, individual and group lessons that allow you to learn, practice, transform the past, understand the meaning of the symptoms, manage fears and resolve conflicts, so as to use the resources towards the event of potentials and achievement of goals.

Tematiche quali l'auto-sabotaggio, lo stress eccessivo, la mancanza di senso, i disturbi psicosomatici e gli schemi comportamentali disfunzionali vengono gradualmente comprese e riequilibrate. Chi segue questo percorso in genere riscontra maggiori vitalità e benessere, leggerezza, pace interiore, centratura e capacità di ottenere risultati.

The Inner Path is a coaching path conceived and conducted by Andrea Fredi, expert in Energy Techniques and author of numerous books and DVDs dedicated to personal improvement.

Techniques of conscious energy rebalancing

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) provides for the simultaneous stimulation of the points of access to the energetic meridians and the focus of the mind on a problem or on a goal to be achieved. Easy, intuitive, often decisive, is a technique to carry "always with you". For further information visit

TAI (Inner Alchemy Techniques) is one of the most powerful systems of change, a real accelerator of evolution. TAI is based on the natural connection between the Dantians (the three brains: belly, heart, head), the conscious breath and the enunciation of specific phrases of intention. It is often called the "turbo" of Energy Techniques.

AGER (Age Gate Energy Release) combines the discoveries of Dr. Di Spazio (the spinal chronogram) with the most effective resolution methods available today, such as EFT and TAI. It allows to contact and transform specific unresolved situations, both biographical and trans-generational.

PET (Provocative Energy Techniques) It combines Tapping (EFT, SET) with Provocative Style, a mode of communication that is effective in promoting awareness and profound transformations. Designed by David Lake and Steve Wells (Australia) it is primarily a tool available to professionals although it can be learned to practice with themselves.